Management 3.0: A Practical Approach to Effective Leadership – 14/02/2024

Training proposed by our Silver sponsor CTG 

Explore Management 3.0, a mindset accompanied by a dynamic toolkit of games and tools designed for actionable leadership. Break free from theoretical complexities and discover practical solutions for enhancing collaboration and productivity. With a focus on managing the system, not the people, Management 3.0 provides concrete advice for everyday challenges. Join the workshop(s) for hands-on experiences, engaging conversations, and leave equipped with tools like Kudo Cards and Delegation Poker. Transform your approach to management and foster positive change within your team and organization.

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Trainer BIO:

With nearly two decades of experience in the field, my journey in project management and Agile practices has been a continuous evolution. As a Project Manager, I recognized the importance of fostering collaboration and efficient delivery. In 2010, my exploration led me to embrace Agile frameworks, marking a significant turning point in my approach to project management.

As my passion for Agile practices grew, I naturally transitioned into the roles of Scrum Master and Agile Coach. This journey allowed me to seamlessly integrate Agile principles into diverse projects, driving successful outcomes. Today, I take pride in contributing to the Agile community and continuously expanding my expertise.