Empowering your organization by combining ITIL and GRC – 22/6/2023 @18:00

When : 22/6/2023 @18:00

Where : Virtual

Discover the Power of GRC and ITIL 4 Integration in this session!

As companies strive to optimize their business outcome, the significance of adhering to own policies and contracts, but also to frameworks and standards, has become increasingly important.  Also, with the growing number of regulations, especially regarding data acquisition and storage, organizations face the dual challenge of implementing these and ensuring an effective compliance and risk management.

We will explore the rising importance of GRC in organizations that prioritize correct handling of standards and regulations. We will dive into how GRC encompasses governance, efficient risk management, and the unique challenges faced by IT organizations. And last bit not least, we will explain how ITIL 4 addresses the GRC theme through its direct-plan-improve guidelines, and how the cascade from strategic to tactical and operational levels is obtained.

During this session, you will find out the link between ITIL 4 and GRC, uncovering concrete ways in which this connection can be leveraged and drive the success of your organisation.

Guest speaker: Christophe Faems

Christophe Faems is a highly experienced senior ICT professional with a strong international background. Throughout his career, he has held various senior management positions in renowned international companies spanning multiple industries, including Telecom, Real Estate, Leisure, Asset Management, Retail, and Financial sectors.

In August 2010, Christophe joined OMNINET as Operations Manager and has since progressed to become the Solution & Strategy Manager, a position he has held since 2022. His expertise lies in a range of critical areas within the ICT field, including ICT Strategy & Strategic Planning, ICT Operations Management, Service Delivery (ITIL), Information Security, Solution Architecture, Design & Development of Infrastructure, Systems, and Products, Application Management, Business Process Management (BPMN), Process Optimization and Redesign, Program Management, as well as GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance).

Christophe’s extensive knowledge and diverse skill set make him a valuable asset in driving effective ICT strategies, optimizing processes, managing complex projects, and ensuring compliance within organizations.