The Value Series !

Together with itSMF Germany, itSMF UK, itSMF Czech Republic, itSMF Belgium propose 4 sessions hosted by Ken Wendle around Value.

First session is planned Thursday the 25th of May @5pm.

These sessions are ONY AVAILABLE for MEMBERS

What does phrase, “Focus on Value”, bring to mind? 

It’s vital to have a deep understanding of what “value” means beyond a simple definition if for no other reason than the concept of value is a common thread shared by almost every best practice or methodology from ITIL to Lean to DevOps.  Therefore, most people simply assume they understand it. 

But the concept of value is more than most people think. And understanding, focusing upon and improving value ultimately is the most important thing any organization can do.

This enlightening session – based upon in-depth research on the subject of “value” – explores the concept of value from multiple perspectives and covers the following topics:

  • Delivering more than expected.
  • WIIFO, or “What’s in it for OTHERS”? 
  • The two sources of VALUE (co-)creation.
  • Understanding tangible and intangible value
  • The positive and negative aspects of perception.
  • The 30 elements of value – from the CUSTOMER’S perspective.
  • The five components of the V*A*L*U*E Model.