Masterclass Organizational Behavior Management 14/02/2023 @14:00

Whatever practice you use for change, you will most likely fail, unless…


itSMF Belgium welcomes you to this ONSITE thought-provoking, hands-on Masterclass.

When : Tuesday 14/02, doors open from 13:30.

  • Masterclass part 1 : 14:00-17:30 (thought-provoking)
  • Dinner
  • Masterclass part 2 : 18:30-20:00 (hands-on).

Where : At the premises of our Silver sponsor CTG Belgium, Culliganlaan 1D, 1831 Diegem

Registration : For this event, we charge €50 for itSMF members, €125 for non-members.

Email and he will provide the account number. Your registration is accepted after the deposit of the amount due.  Registration closes on 8/2

* Curious what a parakeet and this masterclass have in common? Register and find out.

What can you expect?

We all know organizational change is inevitable. We all know that adequately managing the ‘people factor’ is crucial for your change initiative. What many struggle with is the ‘how’ of change, when it comes to ‘people and their behavior’. Not understanding behavior is one of the main reasons for failing change initiatives.

This two-part masterclass will explain some of the fundamentals you need to understand in order to improve your success rate for organizational change. In part one, I will explain some key working principles, and pitfalls to avoid, around behavior and behavioral change. You will see how behavior, Service Management and agility are linked. In the second part of the masterclass you will practice what you have learned. Looking forward to meeting you!

All participants will receive the OBM ‘An introduction’ book. Signing by the author is possible.

Robert den Broeder

“Modern management practices and management philosophies all emphasize the importance of behavior and behavioral change in improvement and transformation processes.

I would like to connect to what best practices and management philosophies all emphasize:
“Service delivery, change and performance improvements are mainly about people’s behavior!”

Robert den Broeder (1963) has a background in IT and service management.

After completing his college education in Alkmaar in 1989, he worked in various roles and (interim) positions in various companies and organizations.

Robert has been providing training courses and workshops in the field of service management since 1999. In 2007, Robert founded his first company Trigono B.V.

In 2019, he started the company OBM Dynamics B.V. with associate and friend Joost Kerkhofs.

Robert is author of the book: Organizational Behavior Management, an introduction, and the developer of the OBM Foundation training course.

He also has a number of service management publications to his credit and has co-authored ‘VeriSM™, a service management approach for the digital age.’

Robert enjoys delivering lectures and workshops in the field of Organizational Behavior Management (OBM).