Thriving Digital Experiences, a story about the impact of digital customer experience 24/01/2023 @18:00

How do you stay relevant in an ever changing world where digital takes over? Is there still room for personal experiences and relations? How do you manage these experiences at scale? And how do you grow your business from there? During this keynote, Tom talks about his endavours at different organizations, small and large, on their challenges in becoming more customer centric. From finding new digital business models and assessing their impact, to defining a working customer experience methodology at scale. Get ready to discover the road beyond digital commerce, towards true customer-driven digital services and business.

Speaker: Tom Devos

Tom Devos (34) is a tech entrepreneur and digital experience architect. He is passionate about guiding organizations towards a human-friendly organizational culture, managing the end-to-end digital experience across all products, services and touch points.

In the last few years, Tom has guided some exciting organisations in their digital experience transformation such as Baloise, Selecta, Sereni, Pelican Rouge, Elaisa Energetic Wellness, …

In all his endeavours, Tom carries a mission to use digital for good, to leave a tiny positive impact towards a more sustainable society.