If Corona permits, the last event of this challenging year 2021 will be an onsite event.
itSMF Belgium wants to let you experience what Agile Service Management is all about in a fun context.

When : Wednesday 1/12 starting at 14:30 until 20:30

Where : Diegem, Culliganlaan 1D ( CTG office)

For Members only, or 50 € entrance fee.

With this MarsLander gamification setup, you will be challenged to think smart, act right and most of all, work as a team. The flight will be demanding, hitting the business objectives challenging. Up to you to make it work. Together…

With this event, we also want to express our gratitude to Paul Wilkinson, for the massive impact he had on our community, building up knowledge, awareness, insights, aha-moments. Even in these last days of his professional career, he will be your Mission Director. And as usual, he will be grumpy, he will be on top of you, but all for one purpose. Make you understand you are part of something bigger. Understand that, and you survive. Don’t… Well Paul can be a real pain in…

Places are limited, so subscribe early if you want to be part of the ride.