For some time we have had requests to introduce AI on our event calender. Here it is!

itSMF Belgium is pleased to invite James Finister on our digital floor. He will open the Artificial Intelligence door and dive into the impact/opportunity for Service Management.

He will outline the history of AI, discuss current and possible use cases for AI in ITSM, the impact and challenges of ethical issues in a fast-moving area, and most importantly suggest strategies that need to be adopted now if the consequences of ignoring ethics are not addressed.

James Finister has been an ITSM Thought Leader for over 30 years. With a background in corporate governance, statistics and IT security, he has a wide ranging experience of real world issues across geographies and sectors. He was instrumental in the adoption of the earliest version of ITIL and remains an ITIL author. He also contributes to multiple ISO standards, including those on AI and ITSM.

There are a number of forces at play in our industry that are pulling organisations in different directions and either deadlocks innovation and improvements in how we deliver digital solutions or wreak havoc with the stability and security we are also trying to establish. SRE is often implemented as DevOps for infrastructure, suddenly infrastructure configurations become code and Operations people start coding.

Application developers are also introducing DevOps and instead of collaborating with ops and making joint teams Development takes over part of Operations. Often Application teams are at odds with the SRE teams, where do the one stop and the other start? While this fight is ongoing then we have security standards introducing more and more controls to prevent rouge or inexperienced employees to wreck havoc.

Often this goes against the DevOps team strategy and require a clear split between the CI and the CD teams. In OpenText we have this as a clear challenge but also an opportunity to innovate with the starting point in IT4IT Value Stream thinking and the associated Product mentality that IT4IT introduces. In this talk we will explore the problem and possible solutions.

We are excited to present Lars Rossen on our virtual event floor.

As thought leader in service management amongst others he will share his views on how IT4IT is more relevant than ever in the current myriad of practices.

Dr. Lars Rossen
SVP, Chief Architect, OpenText
Lars Rossen is the Chief Architect and SVP for engineering of shared services and
components at OpenText.
Lars Rossen drives the overall OpenText technical strategy and oversees the shared
components and engineering services through which OpenText achieves alignment
across its vast commercial services and products. This includes designing, building, and
running the digital factory for all OpenText engineering. Driving the use of OpenText
product internally in the spirit of “Drinking our own champagne”.
Lars also oversees OpenText’s hyperscaler and platform strategy and associated
platform architecture, as well as UX strategy, performance engineering, DocOps and
internationalization programs.
Lars created the first version of the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture which formed the
basis for the standard in The Open Group, and Lars continues to be the lead architect
for the IT4IT initiative. This forms a foundation for delivering an open and composable
digital factory based on value stream thinking.
Lars has published numerous white papers on IT management and holds 5 patents on
technology management.
Before OpenText Lars Rossen was the Group CTO for Micro Focus. In this role he was
driving the overall Micro Focus technology and integration strategy. As well as driving
the implementation of the Digital Factory for Micro Focus.
Before joining Micro Focus, Lars was a Fellow at Hewlett Packard Enterprise where he
worked for the CTO organization. He defined the software portfolio architecture and
strategy. Lars was also part of the core team that defined HPE’s CloudSystem strategy
and associated solution portfolio. This included creating the innovative Hybrid Cloud
Management product suite.
Prior to joining the portfolio strategy office, Lars headed up HPE’s Operational Support
System practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Lars holds an MS in engineering, an executive MBA with focus on technology
management, and a PhD in computer science from the technical University of Denmark.

Lars currently calls Copenhagen his home, but have lived in HongKong, Scotland and