What can you do to be customer centric ? – 28/03 from 18:00 – 19:30 CET

itSMF Belgium is pleased to announce the March event. Our Silver Sponsor 2Grips will dive deeper into the lasting experience factor.

Join us in understanding what Jordy Mertens has to share on  “What can you do to be customer centric”

When : 28/03 from 18:00 – 19:30 CET

              As always, the digital doors open from 17:55 onwards.

Where : Virtual, so accessible anywhere in the world

Registration : Free for both members and non-members


Organizations experience firsthand that customers are increasingly critical and often see little difference between the different providers.
They make a lot of effort to attract new customers, but at the same time notice that it is very difficult to keep these customers.

Many organizations struggle with the question: how can we increase a customer’s connection or involvement with our product, service, brand or organization?

The answer to that question is usually sought in the area of ​​service excellence.

During this session Jordy will explain some shifts we need to make to achieve service excellence.
Furthermore, he will inspire you with some principles within customer centricity that you can take with you in your day-to-day work or organization.


Throughout his career Jordy has been involved in various service management implementation and optimisation projects.

In addition, Jordy has guided numerous organisations in selecting and implementing the appropriate service management solution.
Finally, Jordy has helped organizations embedding organizational change by training and coaching of the employees.

Because Jordy gets his energy from optimising processes, he has taken on the role of COO at 2Grips.
In this role, he is responsible for monitoring all current projects, employees, the support department and for optimising 2Grips’ internal processes.