The Secret Sauce is Execution: Getting things done – 7th December, at 5 pm (CET)/4 pm (UK time)

This is the continuation of the serries: The V.A.L.U.E. Formula with Ken Wendle.

Session #6
• when:  7th December, at 5 pm (CET)/4 pm (UK time)
• length: 60 – 90 minutes
• platform: Teams Meeting
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• Sponsor: itSMF Slovenia

Session 6: The Secret Sauce is Execution: Getting things done.

Popular culture is full of references to execution
Yoda: “Do or do not. There is no try.”
Rocky: “Go for it!”
Nike: “Just do it!”
Jean Luc Picard: “Make it so, number 1!”

Simply put, Execution is the art of getting things done.
Why, then, does “getting things done” seem so difficult at times?
You seem to be making progress when all of a sudden so many things just get in the way!
Extracted from Ken’s exciting new book, “The VALUE Formula” – which provides a
fundamental model to help organizations maximize value – this session focuses on the critical
value component of “Execution”.
This insightful, entertaining and interactive presentation explores the following topics:

The value component of Execution:
o What is it?
o Why is it important?

Getting rid of what gets in the way:
o Purging Poisonous Politics
o It comes back to Vision
o Proper Prioritization

A Process for Execution
o The “4 Disciplines”

“Execution is THE great unaddressed issue in the business world today.”
–Ram Charan

Presented by Ken Wendle

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Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Ken is a catalyst for higher performance, better results and greater
In addition to his highly acclaimed book, “The VALUE Formula”, Ken has written numerous business
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