Annual Czech itSMF Conference (Online) – Thu 20/01

itSMF CZ is providing us with a gift on Thursday 20/01.

Bundled into 1 package, you are invited from 9:00-11:25 for 3 English spoken sessions:

  • From 9:00 – 9:45, Paul Wilkinson will provide you 10 tips for transformational success
  • From 9:45 – 10:15, Kaimar Karu dives into Digital Governance
  • From 10:55 – 11:25, Eddy Peters talks about Agile, the way to go

And the best of all, it is free if you are a paying itSMF Belgium member!!!

Register here:

In the participants section, select Guest of the itMFF for your free ticket.

Paul Wilkinson

Paul summarizes his top 10 success factors. These success factors represent hundreds of thousands of hours of shared learning that can help accelerate and improve your chances of transformational success and reduce the pain, cost, and anger of business if we fail.

Kaimar Karu

The key challenges that organizations and nations face in the transition to digital governance are not digital, but are completely analog in nature. In this lecture, Kaimar Karu will explore these challenges, suggest ways to address them, and provide models for integrating technology into existing ways of working.

Eddy Peters

In this presentation, we will explore that being an agile organization has a different definition depending on where you ask. Failure to understand this difference will have a profound impact on development and service organization collaboration. As a result, the agile promise of rapid quality delivery can prove to be a recipe for rapid failure that will adversely affect the user experience. And that’s something developers and service providers don’t want. To understand the difference, we can explore what can be done to ensure that agility fulfills this promise and becomes a tool for the user experience with constant benefits.