AI: ITSM’s Final Frontier – 27 June, digital doors open at 17:55 CET and the event starts at 18:00

For some time we have had requests to introduce AI on our event calender. Here it is! itSMF Belgium is pleased to invite James Finister on our digital floor. He will open the Artificial Intelligence door and dive into the impact/opportunity for Service Management. He will outline the history of AI, discuss current and possible […]

SRE, and DevOps meets ISO27001 and NIST. Can IT4IT save the day ? – 23 May @ 18:00

There are a number of forces at play in our industry that are pulling organisations in different directions and either deadlocks innovation and improvements in how we deliver digital solutions or wreak havoc with the stability and security we are also trying to establish. SRE is often implemented as DevOps for infrastructure, suddenly infrastructure configurations […]