Value Flows Where Empathy Shows 25/04 at 18:00 CET

ItSMF Belgium is please to propose Simone Jo Moore as our guest speaker for this virtual event. I had the pleasure to attend several of her events and it was always a mind-opening experience. Looking forward having that same experience with you in the virtual event.

When : Thursday 25/04 at 18:00 (Virtual Doors open at 17:55)

Where : Virtual, so wherever you are

Entrance : Free

Value Flows Where Empathy Shows

“Thriving employees are twice as likely to work for an organization that effectively balances EQ and IQ in decision- making something fewer than half of companies typically get right.”

This session we explore the need for and facets of empathy culture as a priority in adjusting the way we co-create value through the whole cycle of the customer and employee journey. These approaches are reflected guidance in multiple frameworks on embedding desirable and sustainable behaviours in dynamic IT organisations. 

Empathy is a skill we use to influence relationships, outcomes and experience. Empathy takes more than just understanding the context of the other person in the interaction – it takes the ongoing focus of being human, coupled with thoughtfully mixing our support practices and technology. Harness the flow that enables you and your teams to strengthen collaboration, reduce stress and increase morale.

Bio: Simone Jo Moore

“Simone is a force of nature. Her spirit is contagious. When she speaks or runs a workshop, the room follows her every move or thought. Simone has the goal of humanising IT and bringing ethics to the way people work.” Simone pushes the boundaries and asks the tough questions of organisations with how they are designing and using their technology. A well known IT practitioner, Simone is the Editorial Director of The Youth Rise in Power’ [] and ‘The Era of HumanisingIT []‘ documentaries. Her IT, OCM & HR experience brings together the technology of the human brain, emotional agility and the digital journey in adapting to Humanising IT focussed on ethical and emotional AI.

A recognised Top 25 Industry Thought Leader []Women in DevOps [] list, WomenTech award nominee [], Simone is a contributing author to VeriSM Unwrapped, Applied [] and ITIL4 High Velocity IT [] and other international certifications, DevOps Institute [] eBooks and a contributing reviewer for the European Commission and Cynefin based Field Guide on Managing complexity (and chaos) in times of crisis [].