Leverage your way to greater VALUE!19th October, at 5 pm (CEST)/4 pm (UK time) 

This is the continuation of the serries: The V.A.L.U.E. Formula with Ken Wendle.

Session #4

When: 19th October, at 5 pm (CEST)/4 pm (UK time) 

Length: 90 minutes 

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Leverage your way to greater VALUE!

If you don’t understand leverage, you’re probably working too hard.
As Archimedes, the great ancient mathematician, physicist and inventor put it, “Give me
a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”
This insightful, pragmatic and entertaining session focuses this often misunderstood
and too rarely applied component of “The VALUE Formula” and explores the
following topics:
– A review of “The VALUE Formula” model
– The component of Leverage:
o What is it?
o Why is it so important?
– How Leverage can augment and multiply your Value
– How Leverage supports alignment to your Value Vision
– Four key facets of Leverage

Join this enlightening session to learn how to get focused on your value.

Sponsored by : itSMF Belgium

Presented by Ken Wendle

About Ken…

Author, Speaker, Facilitator, Ken is a catalyst for higher performance, better results and greater
In addition to his highly acclaimed book, “The VALUE Formula”, Ken has written numerous business
articles. He has been a guest on multiple podcasts and has delivered his unique insights as a keynote and
featured speaker around the world. His energetic, humorous, entertaining, pragmatic, informative,
insightful, and topical presentations consistently earn the highest praise.
Throughout his award-winning career – which includes two Lifetime Achievement Awards – Ken has made a
powerful, positive impact working with and within many organizations in various capacities.
The recently introduced VALUE Formula I 3 Workshop leads teams and organizations through a deeper
dive into the concepts create a roadmap to maximize value.