How to implement IT4IT: Establishing a Digital Factory for a Digital Enterprise. A case study – TBD @ 18:00

The IT4IT standard prescribes what systems and integrations should be implemented in order to create a foundation for a Digital Factory. The standard however does not prescribe your operating model nor is it delivering a recipe for how to roll out an actual implementation to a large organisation. In this talk we will describe how we went along implementing a digital factory based on IT4IT for a large scale organisation. We will highlight some of the challenges and tricks we used to be viewed as heroes both during and after the implementation. “

Presented by

Dr. Lars Rossen,

CTO & Fellow
Micro Focus

Lars Rossen drives the overall Micro Focus technology
and integration strategy as well as driving the
implementation of the Digital Factory for Micro Focus.
The Micro Focus Digital Factory and Digital Value
Stream architecture was invented by Lars and is the
basis for the IT4IT™ Reference Architecture which is now an international standard
managed by The Open Group. Lars serve as the Chair of the governing board of the
Open Group.
Before joining Micro Focus, Lars worked for the Hewlett Packard Enterprise CTO
organization driving the HPE software portfolio architecture and strategy. Lars had
many leading roles in defining and implementing the IT management solution portfolio.
Lars was part of the core team that defined HPE’s CloudSystem strategy and
associated solution portfolio.
Prior to joining the HPE portfolio strategy office, Lars headed up HPE’s Operational
Support System practice for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Lars holds an MS in engineering, an executive MBA with focus on technology
management, and a PhD in computer science from the technical University of Denmark.