To OMTRTA or not to OMTRTA, that is the question? – Thursday 29/09 @ 18:00 CET

itSMF Belgium is pleased to have attracted Daniel Breston.

He will provide insights on how measuring can support flow.

The topics addressed will be:

OKR: Outcome or Objective Key to Results

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

Confused on which to use? Do you need both?

Is the One Metric To Rule Them All (OMTRTA)?

How do you get a measure that turns the invisible into the visible?

The session will be short because Daniel will spend time answering questions and collaborating on metrics that matter. After all, all KEY measures should be agreed, not enforced.

Bio: Daniel Breston

After 50 years of being or managing every conceivable role in IT, including CIO, he is heading towards retirement (his way of doing things). Daniel now facilitates challenging discussions and workshops for teams that want to benefit from technology methods (Shiny New Things) and needs a way to begin that journey. Daniel is also on the board of itSMFUK, [] helping others share their stories.