The role of software testing in the organization’s value assurance – 21/04 @ 18:00

For software testing, there is the challenge of literally going beyond the boundaries of test environments to validate the customer experience. What does this exactly mean? To what extent can the term “subjectivity” help us in this journey?
And if possible, how can we align this with factual reporting as we are used to in testing and IT service management through SLAs.

This session will provide some answers on value assurance from the angle of software testing.


For more than 24 years Wim Demey has been active in software testing and has evolved to a generalist covering different aspects and roles within testing.
Driven by versatility and a great eagerness to learn new things, Wim is always looking how and where he can stretch his comfort zone to manage new challenges. This fits perfectly with his role as Solution Architect Testing for CTG Belgium. In this role he supports & advices customers about their testing related challenges. He has a special interest in technical topics like performance testing, test management tools and AI.
Wim is a regular speaker at (inter)national test conferences & seminars.