MARSLANDER – 10.12.2020 @ 17.00 – 20.00


It is with great pleasure that we announce our MarsLander remote event on the 10th of December from 17.00 -20.00
Together with Paul Wilkinson, you will explore what it is to be part of an agile service management practice.

How do you organize yourself in an ever changing digital world, were everything matters and resources are scarce. 
How do you make the right choice? How do you make sure that your commitment is adding value?
You will experience and surely learn from this fast-paced game, as team member of the ‘Space Y’ agency, 
assuring high quality data is extracted at all steps of the journey. Or not…

Seats are limited to 10 participants
7 subscriptions will get a role to play, 3 participants will act as observers.

A special guest will randomly pick up 10 names… You’ll get the video of this special lottery.

And for all those who missed out:

There will be a blog made available to share the lessons learned, and,
based on subscription success and the input of the 10 participants, there is a possibility for a second MarsLander evening in 2021..