Here’s the Video from our session of the 27.05.2021: Is your organisation ready for change?

Speaker: Ilse Van den Berckt (LinkedIn)

Passionate about a healthy society, Ilse connects research on complex challenges with new economic- and organizational models. She thrives in large, complex systems.

Our world is at times complex, sometimes simple, then complicated and every now and then chaotic. And we (try to) live and thrive/survive in it. Did you know you can take this back to your professional life? Did you know that each of these ‘states’ require a different approach to manage it? During this session, Ilse Van den Berckt will elaborate on these different states described in the Cynefin framework
of David Snowden and what their impact is on daily life. Eddy Peters, president of the Belgian itSMF chapter, will connect them to the world of the digital.

One sneak peak of what is to come : if you think you know what holistic comprises, think again…

This event is free for all. Members and non members

itSMF Slovakia, is organizing an intersting and short session about Service Request Management.

Place: online webinar

Robert Edward Pinnington – Founder of PDCA Consulting, ITIL 4 Author of ITIL 4 Practices
Miroslav Hlohovský – CEO, Head of Digital at OMNICOM, ITIL 4 Author of ITIL 4 Practices


Service request management (SRM) practice

  • 20 years of Evolution of SRM
  • ITIL4 guiding principles applied to SRM 
  • Service value system and SRM
  • Reactive SRM
  • Concept of proactive SRM

Service request management tool features

  • Design the service request form
  • Design the service request workflow
  • ESM principles
  • Service Request Catalogue vs. Service Catalogue
  • Automation of SR

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Instructions for joining the webinar can be found HERE (in Slovak)

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