One of the challenging situations that organisations need to deal with when transforming is determining if the proposed change lies within the organisation’s capability. If not, is it so significant that it is not worth pursuing? 

VeriSM offers two tools to help answer these questions – the organisational portfolio and the management mesh.

Most people get why a product mesh is essential and helps determine gaps in the organisation’s capability to execute a product strategy, but few realise that building meshes for existing products and services, is a stepping-stone to building the organisational portfolio.

Johann will talk about these two tools during the session, and we will also work through a practical example of building a product and organisational mesh. 

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Johann Botha is a digital change provocateur and CEO of getITright®, specialising in building digital age capabilities in organisations. He is one of the lead authors of VeriSM™ Unwrapped and Applied and the architect of Agile ADapT™ – an innovation and design-driven digital transformation method.

Johann’s focus is practical skills development, using workshops, training, coaching, and consulting to enable people to transform organisations. He helps organisations solve problems, grow people, facilitate difficult change, dream, scheme, and most importantly do.

Few people know that he was a key contributor to COBIT5 or that he was a founding member of TSF and the ASM, a pre-cursor enterprise service management initiative to VeriSM and many of the ideas now found in ITIL4.

In 2014 he was awarded the itSMF Lifetime Achievement Award and was included in the HDI’s list of top 25 thought leaders for 2021.

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Value Stream Mapping – Visual Value of Work Management

The most common complaint about IT is that the other stakeholders in your organisation do not see nor appreciate the value of your work. Are these refrains familiar:

  • We spend all this money on IT or technology and we get very little
  • We spend too much money on “Keeping the lights on” while our competitors kill us with innovative use of technology
  • The reason I did not come to you (Shadow-IT) is that you always say No or you‘re too busy or it is not in our budget for this year and I need it NOW!
  • Why is IT so slow to give us what we need?
  • How can we improve what we do?

Value Stream Mapping (VSM) is a technique to look at a timeline of events in several ways. It is meant for teams or leaders to observe what is really happening against what they expect. In this way, they can ascertain the obstacles or constraint and work together to mitigate them.

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Daniel Breston
Facilitated by Daniel Breston who has over 40 years of international technology leadership, consulting, and coaching. Daniel has used VSM for over 30 years to help teams and their leadership overcome obstacles, remove the waste in a way of working and improve what they do in rapid increments.

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Design and optimize your IT value streams

Most organizations are busy modernizing and/or transforming their IT operating model to manage the new digital reality (such as related to the new Hybrid multi-vendor ecosystem). New ways of working are introduced such as Agile development, DevOps and SRE as well as modernizing and rationalizing the IT management tooling landscape.

However, many organizations still lack a solid vision and design of their target operating model. What is typically missing is a blueprint or architecture of how to combine different practices and standards into a pragmatic and workable solution, covering the processes, tools, data, people, integrations, etc.

This presentation is about how is the IT operating model evolving. How does a holistic digital delivery model look like? What value streams do you need to manage your digital services / products? How should you blend various practices to create a modern digital delivery capability? including practices such as:

  • ITIL 4 / IT Service Management
  • DevOps
  • Agile development (e.g. Scrum) and scaled agile frameworks (e.g. SAFe)
  • Continuous Delivery
  • SRE
  • Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
  • SIAM
  • Project management methodologies e.g. PMBoK, Prince2
  • Security and risk management practices (e.g. NIST, ISO 27000)
  • IT4IT
  • Competency frameworks e.g. eCF, SFIA

Speaker: Rob Akershoek, Chair of the IT4IT Forum

Rob Akershoek is senior IT Management architect at Fruition Partners and Chair of the IT4IT Forum within The Open Group. He helps IT organizations to transform and become a more lean and agile service provider, ready to manage the new digital ecosystem consisting of a hybrid cloud environment provided by a multi-vendor sourcing landscape. He is architecting the new IT organization combing standards, practices, and concepts such as IT4IT, TOGAF, (Scaled) Agile development, DevOps and Continuous Delivery, Security Management with established IT service management methodologies. He assists IT organizations in their IT automation journey covering the entire IT value chain including portfolio management, the DevOps toolchain including CI/CD, test management, monitoring and event management, risk and security management, ITSM, CMDB, cloud orchestration, etc. Rob Akershoek is author of numerous articles and author the IT4IT management guide (managing the business of IT).

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The title of the e-book: “IT4IT™️ for Managing the Business of IT – A Management Guide”

  • Here are the slides used in the ITIL4 session of the 26.11.2020

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